Monday, July 10

Get Your Guts In Gear

Friends, many of you may remember my battle with indeterminate crohn's colitis (they still don't know which one it was) and I am feeling great thanks to all of your prayer, support and wisdom.

Soon after arriving in Bellingham, it was clear that God's providence was before us, as one of the couples in our small group, began the same terrifying journey with indeterminate crohn's colitis. Pete has been plagued with complications with the medication and was 6'3" and under 140 lbs, up until last month when things began to turn around for him.

In addition, my sister, Darcy, continues with her battle with the same disease. Its painful to watch her going through the same thing I did, and only be able to listen and offer my experience. Crazy to think that y'all are effecting lives through me, huh? I truly believe that all of your help, support and prayers have helped me arrive at a place where I could provide the same for my friends and family here in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you.

I have one final opportunity to share with you, as Lisa and our family are supporting the upcoming "Get You Guts In Gear" to help raise money for crohn's and colitis research. We all have our cause that we feel drawn to from some personal relationship and this is ours.

You may already have your "cause", and don't feel any pressure to support mine. With that said, I hope you buy a t-shirt for yourself or your family and send us a picture of you in it, as we want to put them up on a website "for Pete's sake". Just think of it as "for Pete, Jamie, Darcy, et. al.'s sake".

Sponsorship Form

T-Shirt Order Form

Dear friends and family,
Quick update. I am feeling good. I am up to a buck seventy (170lbs). Feet are still an issue, but I have hope. I am thankful for everyone's support and prayers. I am writing to let you all know about a bike event to raise money for Crohn's and Colitis Research, Awareness, etc.
On August 18th – 20 th, two of my friends, Jon Knutsen and Kevin Breiwick will depart on a 3 day, 210 mile benefit bike ride called "Get Your Guts in Gear." You can support this cause by sponsoring these guys and/or buying a 'for Pete's Sake' t-shirt (see attached forms). All orders/sponsorships need to be sent to Kevin (again see forms).
Thanks for considering this, and I hope to see you all sporting the stylish shirts that are guaranteed to make you feel younger, confident, and sexy. Well, hopefully you'll feel good about supporting the cause anyway.
Here is a brief biography on my battle with Crohn's for the last two years.
Pete was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in July of 2004. He tried various drug therapies, none of which helped, and some of which made him sicker. By January 2005, he was hospitalized for a week after a surgery from complications. At that point, the surgeon diagnosed him with Crohn's disease. It was also at that point that he was unable to work. He lost his job and went on disability insurance, which, thankfully, was a benefit that his workplace offered. He spent the rest of the year trying various "natural healing" methods; restrictive diets, supplements, vitamins, rest, sunshine, cod lover oil, you name it! He had many ups and downs during that year. Sometimes it seemed as though the natural methods were working for a month or two, but then his health would go downhill and he lost more weight, had more pain, etc. Overall, his health continued to decline until he was about 75 pounds underweight, anemic, stuck to the couch, making many trips to the bathroom during the day and night, unable to function normally. Finally, in April of this year, he went under the care of an amazing colorectal surgeon at Swedish hospital in Seattle. The surgeon put together a team of doctors to treat Pete, and he underwent many tests, including CT scans, colonoscopy, blood tests, etc. He had intravenous nutrition to boost his body, surgery on his intestines to put in a temporary (we hope!) ileostomy bag, and he was started on various "big gun" drugs such as prednisone (steroids), imuran and remicade (an immunosuppresant). Thankfully, he is tolerating the drugs very well. He is doing great with the surgery, and his colon is getting a chance to heal and rest. Our prayer is that this aggressive treatment puts him into remission from this devastating disease.

In order to participate in this ride, Kevin and Jon need to raise $3,700.00 as a team prior to the ride. No small amount. Please pray about liquidating all your assets and giving 80-90% to this cause (leaving approx 10% for your church tithe). I hope you are all well, and enjoying the summer. Take care, and please consider supporting this cause...FOR PETE'S SAKE!


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