Saturday, August 19

RESUME: Sales Professional w/ Business & Product Development/Marketing Expertise

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life, and to that end, here are some links to my resume. Please let me know if you forward this on to someone you know, so that I may follow up.

If I have referred you here, personally, take a minute to review or download my resume. I would like to share with you some of my achievements in sales, marketing and business development:

  • AudienceCentral - B2B - Developed new market segments, increased yearly revenue by 150% per year, and was responsible for 90% of outbound marketing.
  • Dasan C&I America - B2B - Developed alternative sales channels for the introduction of innovative products to US Security and Wireless markets.
  •, Inc. - B2B - Introduced alternative distribution of core product to new markets.
  • IKON Office Solutions - B2C - Increased revenues over 200% within 18 months with over $300,000 in new business within the first year.

I consider myself a professional sales and business development executive and would like to work for a company with professional goals and standards. I have demonstrated success in advancing rapid growth and generating substantial profits in both established and start-up environments.

I am both detail-minded, perceptive of the "big picture" and can motivate front-line sales people and organizations to further progress and performance.

I am willing to relocate to be near the management team and corporate operations.

Please call at your earliest convenience to arrange a meeting time for a personal interview.

My Resume


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